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Purebred Dog Food

Purebred® is the leader in pure, quality food products for your pet

The decision of what to feed your dog is the single, most important factor concerning your pet's health and well being.

There are a lot of different dog foods on the market.The Purebred difference results from using only the finest-quality ingredients available and, more importantly, blending those ingredients in the proper amounts to achieve the perfect balance of available nutrients.

All Purebred formulas maintain their ingredient content in exact amounts regardless of the market costs of the ingredients. This provides the consistent quality serious pet owners are looking for.

Purebred uses multiple sources of real meat proteins, without any by-products. As a result, our products tend to have a higher caloric density than other pet foods and require a smaller serving portion.

Purebred does not add any artificial flavors or colorings. In comparing different pet food ingredient labels, we think you will find that Purebred is the best choice for your dog.

Purebred takes extra measures to insure the highest-quality product for your pet. By manufacturing smaller batches more frequently, Purebred guarantees the freshest possible products available.

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