There are many pet foods to choose from. “There is only one Purebred”®

The Best Name in the Business has Proven Value!

Purebred Company v. H.J. Heinz
A Federal Court awarded the Purebred® Company a final judgment of $5.99 million dollars for the trademark infringement suit against H.J. Heinz Company and issued a Permanent Injunction order to cease and desist any further use of the Purebred® trademark.

1. The BEST name in the industry, period.
2. After all…….every dog came from a Purebred.
3. Purebred…..it just doesn’t get any better.
4. Purebred…….A Federally Registered Incontestable Trademark.
5. Purebred…..Need a trademark that works?
6. Did anyone say…..”Re-branding”?
7. What’s in a name?………Everything.
8 What’s in a brand?……..Everything.
9. Purebred…Trademarks in the US and Japan
10. Why not own the brand..Purebred.

The Company has chosen to sell the rights to the Purebred® trademarks,
below are specimen documents for your review:

The Purebred® trademark rights for the United States

The Purebred® trademark rights for Japan

The Purebred® trademark rights for “There is only one Purebred”

The Purebred® trademark rights for the banner ribbon design

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