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The leader in pure, quality food products for your pet.

Purebred’s commitment to creating uncompromising quality and attention to detail makes it the finest pet food in the world.
For this reason, people who desire superior nutrition for their pet select Purebred. There are many pet foods to choose from.
“There is only one Purebred”┬«

  • Finest Quality Ingredients
  • Perfect balance of available nutrients
  • No artificial flavors or colorings
  • Small batch manufacturing to Guarantee Freshness
  • Higher Caloric Density than other pet foods
  • Multiple sources of nutrition-rich meat
  • Uncompromising dedication to Quality
  • The Leader in pure, quality food products for your Pet

Purely the best canned food products for your pet

Purebred has formulated a line of canned foods deserving of the name PUREBRED.

Quality ingredients along with the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals to ensure a complete nutritional profile.

One look at our ingredients and you will see Purebred’s uncompromising commitment to quality.

There are many pet foods to choose from. There’s only one Purebred.


The decision of what to feed your dog is the single, most important factor concerning your dog’s health and well being.

Purebred uses only the finest-quality ingredients available and blends those ingredients in the proper amounts to achieve the perfect balance of available nutrients.

Purebred uses multiple sources of real meat proteins, without any by-products. As a result, our products tend to have a higher caloric density than other pet foods and require a smaller serving portion.

Purebred does not add any artificial flavors or colorings. Purebred takes extra measures to insure the highest-quality product for your pet. By manufacturing smaller batches more frequently, Purebred guarantees the freshest possible products available.


Purebred products are made with the finest quality ingredients, no artificial flavors or colorings are added.

Purebred for Cats is formulated with the same uncompromising dedication to quality as our dog formulas. Cats are carnivores therefore, they can best utilize the proteins found in meat. And, as any cat lover can tell you, cats enjoy and prefer meat. That’s why Purebred uses multiple sources of nutrition-rich meat. These animal based proteins have a more complex amino acid and fatty acid profile compared to other protein sources.

It’s important to remember that both dogs and cats have simple stomachs and short intestines which are best suited to digest meat protein and animal fat. The proper level of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are balanced to meet the desired nutritional profile. Purebred for cats is the product of choice for those who demand the best.


Dogs and Puppies enjoy Purebred products

Purebred Low Calorie Biscuits were formulated as a delicious way to maintain and clean your dogs teeth and keep their gums healthy, without adding extra calories or sodium.

Purebred Premium Biscuits are perfect for puppies or when additional protein and energy are desired, and Purebred Premium Biscuits contain 100% of the daily required levels of 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

Using small batches with superior ingredients creates another benefit – superior flavor. Your pet will enjoy Purebred Biscuits.